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Take a Winter Break at Manassas Mall!

Published: 02/14/2019

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It’s almost President’s day in and around the beltway! What are your plans for this lovely long weekend? One thing is for sure; with the kids still hyped on Valentine’s Day treats and school out until Tuesday, your little ones have energy to burn!

Why not bring them to Billy Beez to work off their sugar buzz in the bee hive with Billy, Uncle Buzz, and the rest of the gang! Instead of crawling up the walls, they’ll have a ball at the best playground in Prince William County! Plus, sign up at https://billybeezus.com/sign-up/, and you’ll get a special offer delivered to your inbox within 24 hours! Then, redeem it Monday through Friday, February 25 through March 29. It’s a great way to keep your beez busy the rest of the winter.

Looking for some extra fun for the little ones? Get them off the couch and into Uptown Alley Youth Bowling leagues! Who needs cartoons when kids aged 4-21 are eligible to compete? Warmups begin at 9:30, and signups are open! Contact [email protected] to get enrolled!